We are honored to present our company which is specialist in Electronic Elevators installation, as we are the X- agents of THYSSEN Factories and now we are the exclusive agent of FELESA Spain in Egypt, we started our work in Egypt since 1978, and our machines exist now in all the Egyptian Market segments (Hotels 5 star, Hospitals, Factories, Normal and Luxuries Buildings, and some of the specialist projects like the Metro in Cairo and Giza and the Elevators for El Azhar underground road)That’s beside projects with special nature, like Elevators for Atomic Energy Commission, Culture Ministry, Higher Education Ministry, and Interior Ministry, plus big Contractors companies like Orascom, Generally we can Supply and install Elevators for all purposes like - Passengers Elevators with loads and speeds for the different capacities. - Food Elevators for the Hotels` Restaurants and Hospitals. - Elevators for Palaces and Villas till 3 levels working with 220v. - Hydraulic Elevators for all purposes. - Elevators without hole under the Hoist way (20cm) - Special Elevators don’t need Machines` Room at the roof, but we put the Motor under the shaft way. Or machine room less. Also we don’t need a place to put the control unit. And our company has complete qualifications for maintenance for all Elevators types and models with presenting the inquiry service for it.Also we can provide facilities for Handicaps We supply the Elevator with a theory doesn’t depended on using any Scaffolding in the shaft. So we are hoping that you find what you are looking for with us. Thank you, Cairomedi Eng. Ziad Raouf Zohdy

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Aldokki 37 zahraa street

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 02 33367135








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